Frankenweenie is getting me Way Too Hot!

So here’s the thing.  I have this little dog named Tinker/Tink/Tinkerbell…whichever comes out of your mouth she answers to.  Now Tinker is normally a cute little fluffy thing that weighs in at about 11 lbs.  She usually sleeps on her little bed which sits at the end of our bigger bed (I know…don’t say it…I do realize she should not be in our bed at all).  She is pretty good about staying towards the end except in the morning if she thinks you’re awake she will crawl up and demand attention.

Recently, she had surgery and ended up in a cone.  Yes the dreaded cone.  It reminded me of a card I once saw that said.  “It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone!”  It had a pathetic picture of a dog with a cone around its head.  Well now my cute little dog basically resembles Frankenstein’s dog.  Shaved spots, stitches, really it is absolutely pathetic.  We currently call her Frankenweenie.  Anyway, because of this cone, Tinker thinks she needs extra cuddling time and sometimes she acts like she can’t walk.  Its like she believes the the cone is somehow wrapped around her legs.

Since the cone has attached itself to her neck, Tinker has been crawling up and sleeping right next to me.  Basically that is the equivalent of putting a space heater under the covers with me.  Now even in the dead of winter, I do NOT want a space heater in my bed.  My hot-natured self seems to have its own internal space heater on a regular day but given that my internal temperature has risen by 100 degrees lately, this is really not going well.  Normally I might kick her little butt down to the end of the bed but the compassionate side of me (yes, I have one even in these times), does not have the heart to move her especially when she seems so comfortable.  I’m thinking if I had a cone on my head it would not be easy to find a comfortable sleeping position.

So needless to say, I have been suffering.  I’m getting Way Too Hot.  I can’t sleep, roll over or half the time stretch my legs out because Frankenweenie is there and I might hurt her.  Some nights I truly want to throw her little butt out of the bed but again that compassionate sides reminds me that she looks like Scarface with a cone and I just lay back, suffer and sweat to death.  I have two more nights and then the stitches come out and the cone comes off.  YEAH!!!  My biggest fear is that she has developed a habit that may be hard to break.  I have no doubt she enjoys sleeping smack up against my leg.  But here’s the thing…when the cone is gone, my compassion will dwindle and her butt will be set back down on her bed.  I am nearly at my breaking point with the whole heat thing anyway and having a space heater beside me is just about to send me over the edge.  It’s possible that I may be the next one in a cone if something doesn’t give soon.  I really need the 11 lb space heater back where she belongs.

Does anyone know about this heat thing?  I keep wondering are others walking around and feeling like they are on fire.  I also keep picturing the Human Torch on the Fantastic Four.  I’m pretty sure this idea must of came from a perimenpausal (is this a word?) woman.

Until next time, have a great day and Enjoy!

Frankenweenie showing one of her scars.

Frankenweenie showing one of her scars.

Too Early for Me

So, over the last two weeks, I have descended into the bowels of early morning hell.  What this means is, that basically, I get up before the chickens do.  Not that we have any chickens, nor have I seen any around here, but if they were here, I would be up before them.  This is a problem for two reasons:  First, I am not a morning person.  Lets repeat that, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!  and second, I haven’t been sleeping so great, so where I am normally not a morning person on a regular day, I am REALLY not a morning person on days that follow sleepless nights.

Now, the first morning I got to bed early and had that alarm set.  Thank God I did not have any major heat attacks or anything like that but I was a little restless.  I awoke, not to my alarm, but to my husband over there fiddling with his phone and iPad.  I got to hear all the dinging as emails came in and enjoy the blinding light as he checked what ever happen to be important at that time in the morning.  I glance at the ceiling because my clock projects the time up there and see that I would have slept another 10 minutes.  I considered mutilation at that point, but instead gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe something really important jumped in his head, so being the sane person that I am, I left it alone.

Morning two rolls around.  I once again am awaked by the same dinging and blinding light which have nothing to do with my alarm clock.  I look at the ceiling and this time realize that I could have slept for another 22 minutes.  This time, my first thought is stabbing a fork in his eye.  I’m thinking without an eye or two, he may not need to look at that phone so early in the morning.  Here’s the thing….it’s not like I am married to a doctor or a fireman or anyone that might be getting some emergency signal at that time in the morning and I really need all the sleep I can get.  Nothing…there is nothing that needs him that early in the morning.  20 minutes is a power nap people!  Messing with my sleep is just not a good idea.

So, as we sit there with the kids eating breakfast at whatever ungodly hour it was, I mention that he and I need to have a little “chat” later.  Then he gets all weird trying to figure out what he’s done and won’t leave it be.  So, I calmly look at him and say, “If you wake me up again even one minute before that alarm goes off I am going to stab a fork in your eye and go back to sleep.”  Then I act it out and show him how I will reach under my pillow, fling my arm over and with a horrific yell, put the fork in the eye and then roll over and go back to sleep.  At this point, my son’s shoulders are shaking so hard because he can’t control the laughter and my daughter is grinning from ear to ear.  I sent them off to school in a great mood.  It’s because I am such a great mom.  I mean, how many other parents have this kind of conversation before school?

Apparently, he got the hint because I have been waking up to the alarm clock since then.  See, sometimes talking does solve problems.  That’s what wrong with couples today, they forget to talk.  At this point in my life, I am thinking that talking might be a good thing, especially the kind that begins with a fork in the eye comment.

Right now, the worst time in the world for me is 4:15 am.  Thats when my alarm goes off.  I get to enjoy this until about mid-November when I will get a small break.  Soooo looking forward to then.

Now, I believe in looking on the bright side of things.  While it may not sound like it, I am a “cup half full” kinda girl.  The two things I get from these early mornings is being able to send my kids off with a full belly and getting to see the sunrise.  Truly, some mornings the sunrise it is magnificent and should be witnessed by everyone at some point.  I would not recommend every morning but make sure you see it.   Also make sure your kids have a full belly before going off to school.  I absolutely believe in the breakfast is the most important meal of the day thingy.  Enjoy and try not to get Way Too Hot!

The reason behind my early mornings!

The reason behind my early mornings!

Sleepless In Fort Walton Beach

Yes, I realize Sleepless in Seattle sounds better but I don’t live in Seattle and for the past two nights, I have been sleepless in Fort Walton Beach.

We have been going to bed early and rising early because even though school has yet to start (It starts Aug. 19), swim practice has.  Both my kids are swimmers and high school swim season has kicked in.  That means that my son must be at the pool by 6:30 am this week, 5:30 am next week, and then 4:45 the following week that school starts and every school day after that until about mid-November.  Yes this is in the AM before school as swim is a first period class and they get to school in time for second period.

The problem with all this is  1.  I am not a morning person and 2.  I require 8 – 9 hours of sleep or basically I can not function.  I have always required  this much sleep which would explain some of my groggy days in both high school and college classes.  As a baby, I slept all the time.  My mother literally had to wake me up just to feed me.  She said I was the best baby in the world.  No fussing…just sleeping.

So needless to say, I am a little tired and the past two nights have not been fun.  The first night, I woke up at 12:30.  This is the first time that I was actually sweating a little bit.  I threw the the covers off me and just laid there waiting to cool down so I could go back to sleep.  My husband is laying next to me oblivious to the fact that I am suffering.  He is snoring.  So now I’m Way Too Hot, I can’t sleep and he is snoring.  I happen to be on my side facing him.  Then to make matters worse, he rolls over towards me and then he is snoring in my face.  The first thought that entered my head was A Headless Husband Would Not Snore!  

Obviously, I am not typing this from behind bars so I did not act on this thought.  Instead, I rolled over and prayed for sleep to come quickly.  Once again that is the difference between a sane person (me) and an insane person (wearing stripes or a straight jacket).  The point is that the thought did enter my head so apparently there may come a time when I have to go get on the couch just so my husband can keep his head.  It may even be cooler out there.  Who knows.

The second night (last night), I woke up at 2:30.  It pretty much ticked me off.  I was hot and I had to go pee.  So off goes the covers, then to the bathroom I go, then back to bed after stealing a sip of my husbands water.  This wakes him up.  Why is that that?  I can be over there yanking covers all over the place, stomp to the bathroom, flush the toilet, stomp back and he does not budge.  I pick up his glass to take a sip of water and all of a sudden he is wide awake asking me did I drink all his water.  At this point, headless thoughts are starting to surface and possibly pouring the water on him.  I once again refrained….sane, that would be me.   The good news is that the light snoring that was coming from him ceased because now he’s awake.  I did not have to get back in bed and contemplate strategies for head removal.  Instead, I was able to fall back asleep before the snoring began.

I’m really hoping this does not become an every night occurrence.  I need uninterrupted sleep.  That straight jacket may not be too far off in my future if I have to deal with this every night.  I think tonight I am going to have to turn the air down another degree and see if that helps.

Any other ideas?

This is my first post for this blog.  I don’t know how long this will last but I enjoy writing and this provides an outlet and possibly a chance to find others who feel the way I do.  I basically plan to write posts as they occur and I may occasionally venture in to other things as well.  Way Too Hot can cover a lot of categories.

Thanks for reading and Enjoy, Leslie